In Bad Staffelstein, indulgence is written in capital letters, as demonstrated by the variety of restaurants, pubs, bistros and cafes in the town and districts that are waiting for your visit.

Here, you will still find family-run pubs and restaurants with comfortable beer gardens where guests are supplied with hearty snacks of home-baked bread and homemade sausage. Franconian roasts such as Schäuferla or various meat and fish dishes are also much appreciated.

Lovers of Italian, Greek, Thai and Chinese cuisines will also find what their hearts (and taste buds) desire in Bad Staffelstein. In selected restaurants of prestigious hotels in the town and surrounding areas, the sophisticated cuisine is a real treat for your palate.

In the afternoon, you are invited to countless cafes for a nice chat over some delicious cake in the centre of town. In the evening, the bars and bistros provide a good atmosphere.


Bad Staffelstein may proudly call itself the town with the most breweries, because – believe it or not –, in the picturesque villages, eleven breweries with their smooth home-brewed beer are waiting to be discovered. As most of the beers are only brewed in small quantities to be served in the brewers’ own restaurants, a visit to these rustic pubs is an extraordinary experience.

Aside from the typical eateries, you will also find countless ‘vendors of indulgence’ in the whole area, who produce specialties such as bread, sausage, fish, flour, jam, honey or schnapps for sale in their own little farm shops. With our new indulgence program of e.g. town tours, you will discover more about the individual businesses and their craft and can maybe even try one or two little treats. The indulgence walks which take place from spring to autumn all have ‘tasty’ themes and lead through our beautiful landscape to direct sellers where you can strengthen yourselves for the walk back with a little tasting.

Let Bad Staffelstein spoil you with its culinary delights!

For more information please order our indulgence-guide:

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