Obermain Therme

Obermain Therme

Bavaria's hottest & strongest Thermal Salt Water

OBERMAIN THERME "Like a Day at the Sea..."

Regeneration, vitalisation, relaxation, care, healing: Bavaria’s hottest and strongest thermal salt water spring is a natural phenomenon which is immensely beneficial for body, mind and soul. Are you ready to dive in?

Along the banks of the Upper Main, where millions of years ago a tropical primordial sea covered the landscape, green hills and valleys now roll as far as the eye can see. But the sea is still there! It bubbles up from the earth, from a depth of 1,600 metres, with 12 percent mineralisation and a temperature of 52 degrees Celsius.

THERMENMEER "Salt on the skin, happiness for the senses"

Almost 3,000 m² of water, spread over 25 indoor and outdoor pools and a natural swimming lake, are just waiting to do you a power of good. Regardless of whether you simply want to drift away or improve your mobility and fitness with our free activity programme: A day at Obermain Therme is like a short break at the sea – it leaves you feeling more balanced, energised and beautiful. And happy into the bargain!

So light
Bathing in salt water does something really wonderful: It makes us feel like we’re floating. Not just in a physical sense; it even slows down our nervous system. Our stress and worries literally float away making

Obermain Therme

SAUNALAND “Such soothing sweating”

We have continuously expanded our award-winning Premium SaunaLand over the last few years and simply multiplied its recreational value. Roughly 15,000 m2 now include 11 themed saunas, luxury relaxation and lounge areas, a huge natural swimming lake and something very, very precious: the guarantee of an enjoyable sauna experience in a class of its own.

So invigorating
It’s not uncommon to feel like you’ve been born again after a visit to a sauna. SALT WATER CAN INTENSIFY THIS EFFECT EVEN MORE! The salt nebulised in our Suola sauna's graduation house clears the airways and helps us breathe deeply. This gives our metabolism and mind an extra boost – and an abundance of new energy.


SPA & BEAUTY “White gold and golden hours”

Beauty comes from the inside? Yes. To be exact, from a depth of 1,600 metres. That is namely where our thermal salt water and its unique mineralisation has its spring. We also use the power and effect of salt and salt water for a number of our spa treatments, which all revolve around relaxation, beauty, skin care and pleasure – and ultimately around your well-being.

So powerful
The POWERFUL EFFECT OF “WHITE GOLD” is also good for our skin. The minerals contained in salt care for, refine, firm and detoxify skin and can even alleviate skin problems like neurodermitis or acne. The skin looks regenerated and revitalised, is wonderfully soft and radiantly beautiful – and we are too!

Naturally healthy pampering experiences: Traditional Physical Therapy

The therapy on offer at the Obermain Therme includes traditional health-promoting treatments, to support health and wellbeing particularly effective. Along with sure instinct and the high qualification of experienced therapists, the above-average treatment quality and effectiveness can clearly be felt. The wide uses of classical techniques range from movement therapy in water, physiotherapy and neuro-physiotherapy, lymph drainage, manual therapy and medical baths, via massages and special techniques such as taping or Dorn-Breuss methods, to thermal, electro, inhalation or heat therapy, where only natural fango from microfine ground volcanic rock is used. All techniques are performed only by therapists with state accreditation in the healing professions (masseur and medical pool attendant, physiotherapist) and a wide range of additional qualifications.


Therapeutic indications:

Expert assessments concerned with the Bad Staffelstein spa resort and the therapeutic possibilities of the Obermain Therme from a medical-balneological point of view, show that the focal points of local therapy is clearly on degenerative skeletal disorders. But there are also excellent therapeutic possibilities for further therapeutic indications such as degenerative bone and muscular disorders, soft tissue rheumatism and psychosomatic disorders. Further health facilities have been developed via the publicly accessible graduation houses in the spa park and the salt-water atomisation system in ThermenMeer and SaunaLand. The salty air alleviates chronic bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorders. In addition, the Bad Staffelstein thermal salt water promotes healthy skin, alleviates stress and exhaustion symptoms and allows a deep, undisturbed sleep.

We are open:

Every day8 am - 9 pm9 am - 9 pm
Thursday, Friday, Saturday8 am - 11 pm9 am - 11 pm

For further information please contact:

Obermain Therme
Am Kurpark 1
96231 Bad Staffelstein
Telefon 0 95 73 / 9 61 90


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