Schützenfest (Marksmen’s Fair)

Bad Staffelsteins markmen's tradition

Bad Staffelstein’s shooting tradition is almost half a millennium old. In 1422, Staffelstein got permission from Prince-Bishop Friedrich III to fortify the town for protection. From this, the shooting movement developed. Already in 1578, the first so-called “tendered shooting” was held, since then the freehand shooting society cultivates the tradition of free shooting at the annual marksmen’s fair.

Highlights include the traditional concert at the town hall, the procession to the festival ground and subsequent beer tapping and the proclamation of the beer king on the Friday, the colourful shooters’ parade on the Sunday to the town hall and the festival ground and on Monday the ceremonious proclamation of the King and the traditional procession to the town hall.
On each day, animated fairground bustle reigns.

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