Accommodation contract

If you have decided on accommodation or a package deal, please book these directly with the landlord. Either way, the Spa and Tourism Service only takes on a complimentary intermediary role; we do not enter into any accommodation contracts and are in no way liable to the contract partners. The general rights and responsibilities from the accommodation contract apply for the regulation of business relations between the guest and the lodging establishment:

  1. The accommodation contract is made as soon as the room has been ordered and approved or, in case an approval was no longer possible due to time constraints, made available.

  2. The entering into of the accommodation contract binds the contracting partners to the fulfilment of the contract, regardless of the duration of the contract.

  3. The landlord (or hotelier) is obligated to pay the guest compensation if the room was not made available.

  4. If the guest does not make use of the contractual service, the guest is obligated to pay the agreed or standard price, less the expense spared by the landlord. The savings, based on experience, amount to: for an overnight stay with breakfast 20 percent of the overnight price, for half board 30 percent and for full board 40 percent of the overnight price. When renting out a holiday home or apartment, 10–20 percent of the price applies as appropriate.

  5. The landlord undertakes in good faith to allocate unused rooms where possible to cover losses. Until the room is otherwise allocated, the guest must pay the amount stipulated in item 4 for the duration of the contract.

  6. We recommend arranging travel cancellation insurance. Should you be unable to travel to Bad Staffelstein due to accident, illness or damage to property or have to end your trip prematurely, the insurance covers a large part of the incurred cancellation costs. Your host will make you an offer for this with your booking confirmation.

  7. The exclusive jurisdiction is the place of business.

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